forest friends

malin l'ghaba

the idea

We want to leave a positive impact on the world, not neutral, certainly not negative, but a plus to the environment and nature, a plus to ourselves!

Alone it’s quite hard but together even the biggest dreams seem possible. So we came up with this idea: plant a forest, create a home for a sustainable community and live a holistic life there, eat from permaculture, learn and grow from and with each other every day!

Et voilà – Malin l’ghaba non-profit organisation for environment and culture was born!

our 5 impact areas

forest and biodiversity

Planting trees worldwide can slow down the climate crises! Trees filter air, attract water, provide fruit and medicine. And of course - they are home for many animals, thus they strengthen biodiverse habitat. A big help fighting challenges of the future including worldwide pandemics!

permaculture and organic food

Developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, permaculture promotes an alternative to conventional and harmful agriculture. Copying natural ecosystems it’s a regenerative and self-maintaining agricultural system and an awesome way of growing rich organic food.

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holistic living in a community

We are living in challenging times. Not only because of climate crises, but also many people lost track of their roots and belongings. We want to offer a home to a community interested in a conscious holistic life, personal growth and healing.

artistic research and education

Everything is connected - education and artistic practise are parts of a holistic life. Malin l’ghaba understands itself as a learning ground: a place to get together, connect within, develop (opensource-)skills and pass on knowledge. In the future we would like to offer courses and programs on the site.

sustainable ecotourism

A responsible way of welcoming guests, of sharing beautiful, calming surroundings. Accommodation will take place in eco friendly super-adobe domes, combining modern and traditional techniques and offering a unique experience. Relying on solar energy, wastewater management, comfortable composting toilets, and recycling of organic waste are part of the sustainable approach.

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.”

Wangari Maathai

nobel prize winner and mother of the green belt movement


We are are group of visualizers with a mission.

Because dreams can lead the way and make the unbelievable come true. Coming from all different backgrounds we understood what we have in common: the wish to create a livable environment – for us now and for generations to come.


Whether you’re curious about our organization, what we are on right now or how you can become involved, we’re here to answer any questions.